Thunderbird Online

March 22, 2017

I started playing Overwatch exactly one month from today, and I am way past addicted. When I get into something, I usually need to over-indulge until I don't want anything to do with it anymore. It's not a very healthy lifestyle, I know. I'm not usually into shooter games, but somehow the whimsical aesthetics, unique characters, and easy-to-pick-up gameplay hooked me in. It's so bad that I've been staying past 4AM to spend at least a few hours left in my day to satisfy this craving. I probably even dream about Overwatch!


Overwatch is extremely distracting, and that means all other goals I had were pushed back to the bottom of the barrel. So, I forced myself to briefly crawl out of this obsession and create something to get my art practice in. I present this bowl of Orisa soup:

The main reason why she's the subject of choice was because I was being looped in an endless skirmish cycle and I was getting frustrated for wasting my time waiting. My second monitor displayed the window and Orisa's banners were rotating repeatedly, so I felt like painting her as a quick test. I spent about 25 minutes to do this rough painting in Clip Studio Paint (CSP), and I was surprised by how much fun it was. I didn't understand how CSP's blending works, so the colors came out blocky, but Orisa's colors were very fun to use. I also didn't spend a lot of time to really focus on completing her design, but I learned a lot about painting without lineart and highlighting.


Next up is one of my favorite characters, Pharah! I love to use a lot of characters, but Pharah's Thunderbird outfit is just a work of art!

I fell in love with her portrait more, so I attempted to give it a shot in Photoshop this time. Again, I just laid on the paint without doing any lineart and it was a lot more tough this time around. After putting down the base colors, I blocked in the shadows and highlights. When it came to polishing time, I felt discouraged because the blockiness was not attractive at all and I couldn't get her eyes right. I was afraid that I couldn't blend out the colors and went down the spiral of doubting my skills again. I decided to put this piece off for a few days instead. Picking it back up today, I tried my best to blend the colors in. It didn't turn out so bad and I learned a lot about using a variety of colors. I don't think I'll finish detailing the rest of the piece, but I'm happy that at least I put some effort in her face instead of giving up entirely.


Here's a short .gif of my progression (though converting it into a .gif took out some of the quality):

How you like them eyes though?!


I'll probably create more Overwatch artwork if I ever find time out of the game!


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